Hypocrisy the worst of human traits

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Linus Torvalds (torvalds@osdl.org) 4/13/05
Unlike some people, I don't judge people for whether they are commercial or "free software" people, which means that to me it wasn't a case of knowing which side was "evil" (and thus wrong by default - isn't that how it works ;) to start with.

In my book, what matters is what you do - whether you want to sell things is your personal choice, but even more importantly it is not a moral negative or positive. I'm a big believer in open source as creating good stuff, but I don't think it's a moral issue. It's engineering.

So I think open source tends to become technically better over time (but it does take time), but I don't think it's a moral imperative. I do open source because it's fun, and because I think it makes sense in the long run.

For some reason that is hard for a lot of free software people to accept. Too many people see things as a war of "free software" against "proprietary evil". This is, btw, the real difference between the "open source" crowd and the "free software" crowd, as far as I'm concerned.

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Name: blah (blah@blah.com) 4/13/05

Got to love when someone thinks it is ok to do it to others they dont know until it is done to someone they do know.

Yes its ok to ride on the coat tails of UNIX and MS but no no dont do that to Bitmover my friend. That is just wrong!!! Hypocrite. Yah its fine for people to take others ideas and reverse engineering them unless it hits someone a person happen to know. Then its BAD!